Elecrama Expo

Elecrama Expo

Elecrama is one of the leading events which highlights the mission and vision of the Indian electrical industry ecosystem every year. It assumes importance due to the contribution of innovative ideas by the leaders to kick power solutions of the planet a notch ahead. Apart from technology and equipment, it also brings in ideas to transform power solutions on the planet. From industry summits to technical conclaves, covers the bases of all aspects. As a major gathering of power sector ecosystem, Elecrama exhibition brings all aspects linked to the power sector of India under one roof.

It explores the scope of electricity in key areas: railway, nuclear and defence. Also, it involves new verticals and segments of the whole spectrum of electricity: automation, electro mobility, power storage, renewables, distribution, generation and transmission.

The fundamental requirement of distinct power solutions for different geographical locations in India draws the attention of a wide range of participants in the event. They take part in Elecrama exhibition to find out more about new ideas or solutions from the leading industries that are likely to shape up the power sector of India.

Since its inception, Elecrama exhibition has been offering relevant solutions to its constituencies. Also, it has been a pioneer of enriching the knowledge quotient by showcasing the latest products with technological upgrades in each event. Nothing demonstrates the technical transition in India than its power sector. Elecrama exhibition mirrors this idea.

Elecrama exhibition provides a solid platform for the exchange of ideas between enthusiasts and the leaders of the industry. In doing so, it also allows buddying enthusiasts to meet the industry leaders and explore new avenues linked to the power sector in the country.

The traditional techniques and practices of the power sector in India had been on the fore for several years. However, the last couple of decades have halted this trend with some visible changes. One can expect more of it in the next few years down the line.

While non-renewable resources of energy have powered India in the past, renewable resources of energy are likely to do so in the future. As a result, the age-old system is set to make way for the inclusion of new technologies and equipment in the power sector of the country. As such, the upcoming Elecrama exhibition would be a landmark event to get a glimpse of future trends linked to the various aspects of the power industry.

Be it equipment or idea or any other aspect linked to India’s power sector, Elecrama exhibition covers all bases. Consequently, it has been under the spotlight for all the right reasons. The participation of both leaders and enthusiasts is what makes it a remarkable event.

Every year, they join their hands with one another to make it a successful event with their contribution. In line with the belief that the power sector in India holds enormous potential, their objective of participating in the event is to tap it and redefine the dynamics of electricity in a whole new way.

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