How stall designs can improve your chances at the HVAC Air Duct Ventilations Exhibitions stalls in Acrex India

How stall designs can improve your chances at the HVAC Air Duct Ventilations Exhibitions stalls in Acrex India

The Acrex exhibition is South Asia’s largest convention on air conditioning, heating, ventilation, and intelligent buildings design, and is a big event for professionals in the HVAC sectors, specifically in the area of air duct ventilations. The event is taking place in Greater Noida, in the India Exposition Mart, on the 27th-29th February of 2020. It’s a great venue to get updated with the latest advancements in the HVAC sphere, and to network with fellow professionals and potential buyers. In the year 2019, around 200 exhibitors took part in the exhibition and got to feature their design in their booths.

Of course, with a venue that large and the number of stalls being so high, a company really needs to be above the rest to capture the visitor’s attention and make sure they stop by at their stalls. Even the best and most innovative products can easily get lost amongst the crowds and miss out on meeting potential buyers and investors. Therefore, the key to standing out is making sure to find the best exhibition stall designer in Delhi who will make sure that your company gets the best exhibition stall design that will stand out among the competition and get you noticed.

Vasant Expo are a known name in the booth design game, and have a heavy list of expos under their sleeve to support their reputation as one of the top exhibition stall designers in India. Having previously worked on exhibition stall designs at expos like CPHI expo, Automation Expo and even The Big 5 Expo that takes place in Dubai, we have a lot of happy customers who keep coming back to us for our service. We have also worked on a number of different niches of exhibitions, so we can help guide you on what kind of exhibition stall design in Delhi would work best for your company.

Whether you’re new to the game, or have previously put up stalls but are looking to innovate and up your game to make sure that your stall is the top one at the exhibition, we can help you out. We have a talented team of spatial designers that are familiar with the venues, and can help you come up with the optimal stall design curated based on your company’s profile and requirements. Right from the actual design, placement, signs, audio-visual elements to the choice of font, we will help you deliver your brands message to the audience through your stall design.If you’re interested in taking part in the HVAC exhibition and putting up an exhibition stall, contact us at +91 22 24183337 / +91 9820181109 or drop us an email at today.

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