How Virtual Exhibitions Have Received a Boost During Coronavirus 

How Virtual Exhibitions Have Received a Boost During Coronavirus 

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Virtual Exhibitions aren’t a new phenomenon. For many years now events, exhibitions, conferences have evolved and many big brands have tried their hand in conducting them virtually. But the recent worldwide lockdown due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has helped many see virtual exhibitions in a new light. Let’s see how virtual exhibitions have received a boost during Coronavirus.

Some experts in the exhibition industry believe that it was inevitable that exhibitions would have eventually gone virtual in the near future anyway. As we are living in a digital age surrounded by innovations and technological boom, the exhibitions would have at least incorporated digital elements into it with or without coronavirus. In fact, the use of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality which is quite popular among the mass has slowly started to be used in exhibitions. The compelled transformation due to Coronavirus has further pushed the need to use new and latest technologies. 

Also, one cannot deny the fact that social distancing is the most effective means by which one can prevent the spread of coronavirus. In such a situation, virtual exhibitions are the best step forward. There are all sorts of events, exhibitions which have already taken the virtual route. Microsoft, one of the business giants have taken their event virtually. Many events and exhibitions which were scheduled for the year 2020 have shifted to virtual meetings. Though physically meeting is impossible and other factors like face to face meetings, touch, and feel of the product are restricted, one can do much more with virtual exhibitions.

For example, one can have a personalized meeting with a prospect using a virtual booth. Also, the products and services related information, brand message and other important messaging can be easily shared with customers and audience who are interested. One can also listen to any speaker just like in a conference or event. The advantages of conducting a virtual exhibition are that there is no limit to the number of attendees. This is a significant change from the traditional form of exhibitions. 

Organizers and attendees both have several advantages with virtual exhibitions. Due to movement restrictions imposed, people can organize an event virtually and attendees can attend them virtually as well. Thus, there is no need to travel and everyone can enjoy the exhibitions from the comfort of their homes. The cost of the venue, infrastructure, audio-video system, managing attendees which are typically in huge numbers; all these can be avoided with virtual exhibitions. With a working and fast internet, people from all over the world can join together virtually. 

Another highlight of virtual exhibitions and events is that they can be recorded and seen by people from different time zones. This opens up the scope of reaching to a wider audience. 

The world must move forward along with the Coronavirus pandemic. And therefore as other industries are opening up and finding new solutions to survive, exhibition and event industry can embrace the virtual path to keep going forward. Vasant Creative is one of the leading companies in the exhibition industry and we are determined to use the latest technology and innovations to drive the industry in the direction of growth even amidst the pandemic. 

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