Plastivision Expo

Plastivision Expo

Plastivision Expo is a prominent event which brings all the aspects of the plastic industry in India under one roof. It showcases various elements linked to the industry. These include finished goods, raw materials, and machinery. Also, it involves some other aspects that are linked to the industry such as plans to recycle plastic and better management of wastes involving plastic.

So far, Plastivision Expo has been organised successfully for a total of ten times. On each occasion, the event has been a thumping success. The participation of a wide range of visitors and the involvement of the top industry majors have made this a landmark event in all its previous versions. The subsequent version i.e. the eleventh version of Plastivision Expo is set to be held in 2020.

Both visitors and organiser expect Plastivision Expo to be a momentous event which holds the potential to exceed the expectations of both the parties. It is the next edition will be held in Mumbai – the financial capital of India. If the versions of enthusiasts are anything to go by, then the event is likely to create new records and would also be the cornerstone for new developments in the industry.

Vasant Creative translates the imagination of Plastivision Expo like grand events into a reality

Organising a grand exhibition involves many things. Stall design is a major element among them. From appearance to brand value, it has a great deal of importance towards making an event successful as well as meaningful. At the end of the day, it can be the difference between building the first impression or failing to do so. Seeing is believing, and most people subscribe to this concept when it comes to visiting a grand exhibition event such as Plastivision Expo.

Vasant Creative boasts a remarkable track record of transforming the fate of such an event with its brilliant stall design service. From design to appearance, it is the ultimate destination for clients to meet all their stall design needs.

Highlights of Vasant Creative’s stage designing services
Helps retain the brand value

Helping various brands live up to their reputation while organising an exhibition-like event is at the top on Vasant Creative’s priority list. Over the years, it has been able to establish itself as a leader in the industry due to this feature. It takes pride in offering stage design services that are in line with the standards of best companies in the industry.

A dedicated team of top designing professionals

A dedicated workforce of expert professionals in stall designing services has been the game-changer for the services of Vasant Creative in this category. From choosing a design to implementing it, they know the ins and outs of all that it takes to offer the best stage designing services.

Access to all facilities of stall design services

From techniques to professionals, Vasant Creative has all the resources at its disposal to provide quality stage-designing services.

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