Things to keep in mind while setting up an Exhibition stall

Things to keep in mind while setting up an Exhibition stall

Whether its a small start-up or a huge firm, everyone desires to make their presence felt at the exhibition. The very first thing that a visitor may notice about your brand at the exhibition is your stall. Exhibition stall is one aspect that could make you different from the competitors. It does not matter whether the stall is small or big, it is the design of the stall that will make your stall stand out.

Your creative ideas and the skills to placing products at appropriate places in the stall can make it more impressive.

There are many factors that one must keep in mind before setting up an exhibition stall.

An exhibition stall will represent your brand and will also pull potential visitors towards you.

Relevant Exhibition :

With thousands of exhibitions happening all around the world, you must showcase your brand at the right exhibition targeting an audience that would understand the importance of your product or services. You must always make sure that the show would fit in your marketing strategy and if it could add to your target audience.

Eye on the Competitor:

Before setting up your stall, always have a check on the list of exhibitors and specifically get details about the competitors exhibiting alongside you. This could give you an advantage to be a step ahead of your competitor and have a more enticing stall.

Selecting the right place:

To set up an exhibition stall, you must first select the right place for it. A right place is where your stall will have the right visibility. Sometimes the biggest of the spaces may not suit your requirement. An exhibitor must know the floor plan, go ahead with only the space that is required. You have to even consider the entrance and the main exhibition area before setting up exhibition stalls.

Exhibition Stands :

Exhibition stands play a very pivotal role in making your stall noticeable. We at Vasant, create custom unique designs, graphics and content which could give your stall exclusivity over the other exhibition stalls. Always be unique and stand out.

While setting up exhibition stalls all these above factors need to be given special emphasis.

Other factors:

Some other important factors when it comes to setting up exhibition stalls is the right amount of lighting and the positioning of desks and tables and areas to even store some amount of inventory.

We at Vasant, help you with all the requirements when it comes to setting up of exhibition stalls.

With our services in India as well as around the world, we have been helping our clients in setting up exclusive and high-quality exhibition stalls facilitating them with an appearance in exhibition which stands out from the rest.

If you are an exhibitor, newly entering exhibitions or you have been an exhibitor and looking out for help in setting up exhibition stalls, then our team at Vasant will help you with all the possible elements and give your product at the exhibition a cutting edge over others.

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